Workshop, what is this ?

I clearly remember my early start in photography. I was so very passionnate and curious, and I was also wondering about the following :

– Exposition, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, ISO. What does all this mean ?

– How to use the Manual (M) and the Semi-Manual (A and S) modes ?

– Which lens should I choose ? And why ?

– How to organize a photo session with a human model ? How can I guide the model ?

– Do I need to work in RAW or JPEG ? Why ?

– How can I process a RAW file on Lightroom ?

– How do I improve a photo using Photoshop ?


If you feel like I did at the beginning, you can follow me during a full day and I will answer all of these questions, and much more.


Here is the itinerary of the day : we’ll begin in the morning with the technical part. Then we’ll go outdoors for some practice and we’ll work with a model in just natural light. The final part is the post-process, when we’ll work on the photos we have taken during the session. We will work with my two favorites softwares : Lightroom and Photoshop. Finally, I’ll give you some advice on how to organize, save and present your photos.

Workshops are individual and all my attention is on you during this day. I’ll give you my tips and secrets during the photoshoot or the post-process. 

When ? Where ? How ? How much ?


Location : Limoges, SW France

Duration : One day (8:30 am – 4 pm)

Fees : 320€ (including lunch)

Material you will need : A camera with one or several lenses

Contact and booking :


Itinerary :


8:30 / Technical Part :

– Introduction to photography : ISO ; shutter speed ; aperture ; depth of field

– Using Manual and Semi-Manual modes (A and S)

– Decide on and choose the lens you need


9:30 / Practical part (Action !) :

– Outdoor photoshoot with a human model and in natural light

– Choose a model, a place, and an outfit

– Adjust your settings according to the situation

– Play with the environment and the natural light

– Guide the model’s pose


12:00 / Lunch :

– Single formula in a restaurant including starter / main course / dessert / drink / coffee.


13:30 / Post-process :

      – Lightroom :

            1. Transfer your photos

            2. Sort your photos

            3. Choose your best photos

            4. Develop RAW file

      – Photoshop :

            1. Delete unwanted elements

            2. Re-touch of skin tones

            3. Dodge & burne

            4. Work on lights and colours

            5. Increase the sharpness


15:00 / Bonus : Organization and communication :

– Organize your files

– Save your work

– Communicate your work via the social medias