Dimitry Roulland

Even since my childhood, I have needed to expend my energy on something. So I tried many sports and other activities.

There was drawing, accordion, piano, bike, athleticism, jujitsu, football, tennis, drums, paint, thai boxing and guitar, just to name a few !

When I was 17, I really didn’t like school, and I was lost because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. Then I discovered what was become my big, big passion : photography.

At first, when I had an idea, I would use the old Lumix Panasonic camera of my parents, which was a great way for me to communicate my feelings. My family and my friends encouraged me to continue my passion. My work was admired and this was a big source of motivation for me.

I was very happy when I had my first DSLR camera. The pictures looked totally different ! With my Nikon D600 and my 18-55mm lens, I increase my practice time a lot. When I crossed the field in front of my home, I was in the forest where I photographed all that I saw : the birds, the trees, the butterflies, the streams, the sky,… And of course, what I loved the most : the portrait. I usually took photos of my parents, my friends and also of myself.

I kept on working and learning in my own way. I bought some new lenses and a new camera. And, little by little, I left behind landscape photography and continued with many outdoor portrait sessions. Thanks to which I met so many amazing people.

Among this people, two of them had a huge impact on my work. Firstly, I met Dimitri, a spring-loaded gymnast. I saw him flying, rotating in the air and landing on the ground, which seemed to be so easy for him. it was unbelievable ! Then, there was Leslie, a rhythmic gymnast who was flexible, nimble, and so graceful ! Each of her moves looked like a dance. These two sessions were of course very different, but when I worked with these performers it was the same feeling of tremendous pleasure. After these experiences, I began to work more and more with gymnasts, dancers and also circus artists.

Time passed, and after thousands of pictures and a hundred of hours working with Lightroom and Photoshop, this big passion has become my profession.

Now, the adventure continues. An adventure full of surprises, of voyages and of meeting with new people. Maybe the next adventure will be with you !