Frequent Asked Questions

What type of session do you offer, and who for ?

I basically offer outdoor photo sessions, portrait style, with only natural light.

These sessions are mainly for :

– Individuals (single portrait, duo, family)

– Athletes and performers (gymnasts, dancers, circus artistes, yoga practitioners, coaches,…)

– Those wishing to highlight their brand or company


How much does the photoshoot cost ?

All my prices are available under “Prices” on my website.


Is a deposit required ?

Yes, a deposit of 30% is required when booking the session (by cheque, bank transfer or cash). If you cancel the session, however, the deposit will not be refunded.


When do I need to pay the rest ?

At the end of the photoshoot (by cheque, bank transfert or cash).


Where exactly are you available ?

I’m available everywhere in France. However, I can also move away from France if you have a special project.


Are travel costs to be expected ?

It depends on the situation. Travel costs will be defined according to the trip.


Will make up and hair styling be included in the fee ?

No, make-up and hair styling are not included.


How many outfits do I need ? Will you offer advices on this ?

We will need to discuss this before the session. It will depend on your style, your taste and your desires.


Where will the photoshoot take place ?

We will choose one or more places, depending on the formula.


Is it possible to re-schedule the photoshoot ?

Yes. If you have a setback or if the weather is really bad then it’s possible.


What happens during a photoshoot ?

During the session, I will suggest and guide different poses. But, it’s also important to me that you keep some freedom too.


I don’t feel comfortable when I think of posing in front of a camera. Is this a problem ?

No, not at all. Being ni front of a camera can be daunting, but it’s my role to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the photoshoot.


Are untouched photos delivered ?

No. Untouched photos have not had any work done on them and so I feel they are not finished. They terefore do not represent my work and this is why I deliver only processed photos.


Can I choose the photos that will be processed ?

Yes. A fey days after the session you will receive a Dropbox link by mail, with a selection on the best untouched photos. Then you can choose your favourites from this selection.


Which software do you work with ? How much time do you spend working on a photo ?

I work with Lightroom and with Photoshop CC. Usually, I spend 30 minutes to an hour on each photo.


When are the photos delivered ?

After you have chosen the photos, you can count on a maximum of three weeks before receiving the final selection, via your Dropbox link.


For further information, please contact me at or via the Contact page.