Shooting photo

Shooting photo

For who ? I mainly offer outdoor portrait photoshoots and only use natural light. These sessions are intended for :

- Individuals: whether you are alone, in a couple or with your family.

- Athletes, and more specifically gymnasts, dancers, choreographers, circus performers, yoga practitioners, and sports coaches. These sessions are open to people of all levels, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Is a deposit requested when ordering ? Yes, I will ask for 30% deposit during the booking (transfer / check). In case of cancellation, the deposit won’t be refunded.

When should I pay the remaining amount ? The day of the photoshoot (check / transfer / cash).

Where are you available ? I live in Dordogne, in a small town called Sarlat. However, I regularly organize trips in big cities, in France but also other countries in Europe. You can follow my future trips on my Facebook page : Dimitry Roulland Photographies ("events" section) and on my Instagram account @dimitryroulland. If you would like me to organize a trip in your city, contact me !

Do I have to pay travel expenses ? If you book during an organized stay, no travel expenses are required. However, if you want me to travel only for you, there will be a fee depending on the travel.

How many outfits should I take ? Do you have any tips for getting dressed? We define all of this in advance depending the package you have chosen, your style and the desired mood.

Where does the session take place ? Just like the outfits, we will brainstorm and decide together on the locations, depending on your preferences.

Can I use the raw pictures ? No, the raw pictures are not delivered. My work is divided into two parts: the photoshoot, then the post-process. A raw picture doesn’t represent entirely my work, that’s why I only deliver the edited pictures.

Can I choose the edited pictures ? Yes ! About a week after the shoot, you’ll receive a Dropbox link by mail with the selection of the best photos. Among these, you will have the opportunity to choose those you want me to edit.

Can we choose additional pictures ? Yes, totally !

Which software do you work with ? How much time do you spend working on a picture ? I work with Lightroom and Photoshop. On average, I spend from 30 minutes to an hour on each picture.

When are the photos released ? How ? After receiving your selection, you’ll receive all the final pictures in 3 weeks maximum, via your Dropbox link.


  • Package 1

  • 99
  • Time : 1 h / 1h30

    3 high definition pictures delivered

  • Package 2

  • 165
  • Time :  1h30 / 2h

    6 high definition pictures delivered

  • Package 3

  • 265
  • Time : 2 h / 2h30

    10 high definition pictures delivered

  • Package 4

  • 365
  • Time : 3h / 3h30

    15 high definition pictures delivered

Do you need more than 15 pictures ? Contact me directly and I'll give you a custom quote.